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Trans Crisis Fund

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Organized by Trans Youniting the Trans Crisis Fund will be used to finance Crisis Services for PGH's Trans community, centering Black Indigenous Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color.

The first 16,000 Dollars will procure a 4 Bedroom Apartment for a year. This will be used for Crisis Housing to get unhoused and housing insecure Trans Lives Off the Streets.

The rest of the fund will go directly into Trans Youniting's Life Saving/ Life-Changing services.

These include:

  • Housing Crisis Stipends (Money given to Trans People to secure and retain housing).

  • Emergency Food Assistance (Stipends given to allow Trans Lives to purchase food. Also, to stock food that we directly distribute).

  • Safe Transportation Help (T.Y. Volunteers, Bus Cards, and Uber's/Lyfts helping Trans Lives in need. These include transport to doctor appointments, rehab, court hearings, work, and out of dangerous circumstances)

  • Winter and Emergency Supplies (Winter supplies for unhoused trans people, basic necessities for Trans people who have lost their possessions, clothes for job interviews. Etc).

  • Operating Costs for These Services (This fund will not go to paying Trans Youniting staff as we are unpaid volunteers. Operating costs may include gas for rides, supplies for our crisis beds, etc).

This fund is crucial. The following statistics are illustrative of the Trans Cycle of Violence but do not come close to our lived reality.

These statistics were taken from Injustice at Every Turn: A Report of the National Survey of Transgender Discrimination.


  • 26% of us lose our jobs because we are trans

  • 15% of us who are employed live 2,000-6,000 dollars below the poverty level


  • 19% of Trans People will become homeless because of our identity

  • 33% of Unhoused Trans People ar are forced into sex work

  • 25% of us are attacked in homeless shelters

  • 22% of us are sexually assaulted in homeless shelters

Health and Health Care

  • 49% of us attempt suicide in response to systemic oppression (3800 times more likely than cis people)

  • Black Trans Lives are 4 Times more likely to be unemployed

  • 48% of us cannot afford health care during our lives

  • 19% of us are refused health care

The Black Trans Cycle of Violence ends and ruins innumerable Trans Lives. Trans Youniting fights this cycle every day with our services.

Use your Financial Capital and donate. We ask and demand that you use their Social Capital to promote this fund and Directly Get Friends and Relatives to Donate. Give an hour (at least) Every Week to support this fund.

Together We Can Safeguard Black Trans Lives in Pittsburgh!

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