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Help Us Save Trans Lives

  • 19% of trans people are or have been homeless.

  • We are twice as likely to be unemployed and 90% of us experience harassment at work.

  • 19% of trans people have been refused medical care because of who we are.

  • 41% of black trans people have been held in a jail cell because of their gender and race.

  • 49% of us have attempted suicide. 80% of us struggle with suicidal ideation. 

  • 22% of black trans people have been physically assaulted trying to access public accommodations

Our community is under attack in every aspect of our lives. We know how to keep us safe and thriving. We are doing the work. Donations go directly into our life saving and life changing efforts.

*TransYouniting is fiscally sponsored by Hugh Lane Wellness. We are currently in the process of receiving our own 5013C status

Donate to Support Trans Life

If you are not able to contribute to our mission via financial support consider reaching out to us & express your interests, talents and passion for bringing transgender & non-binary voices to the front in your community!  

Foundations, organizations and stakeholders interested in partnering, collaborating or sharing in-kind donations of any kind should send us an e-mail directly. 

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